Before consuming any products from Bondi Meal Prep please note that we make a range of dishes in our kitchen and we cannot guarantee any products sold on our website are completely free from any allergen such as milk, egg, gluten, soy, peanuts, sesame seeds, tree nuts, shellfish, fish and lupin.

Although we purchase all our fish fillets boneless, our supplier cannot guarantee the 100% removal of all bones. We do advise using caution when consuming our fish meals as they may contain bones. 

Bondi Meal Prep accepts no liability to any allergic reaction caused as a result of consuming our products. 

If you are unsure about any of the information provided above, please consult your doctor.


  • FOOD

Ingredients are subject to change due to supplier stock levels. In the event that we are unable to provide an exact item, we then provide the closest possible replacement for that meal or a full refund. 

Changes or amendments cannot be made to the meals on our menu. Our menu is set and cannot be customised. 

Images on website are only a guide to what food may look like. Food may look different and slightly vary.



  • If you wish to make changes to your order, you must do so before our Thursday cut-off time. Once an order has been processed and the cut-off time has passed changes will not be accepted.  



DELIVERY DAYS - Here at Bondi Meal Prep, we deliver on Mondays only & on Tuesdays to Regional Sydney, South Coast, Southern Highlands, Goulburn, Sunshine Coast & Regional Melbourne. If you order outside of our cut-off time, your order will be delivered on the next available delivery day.

DELIVERY ADDRESS - Customers must ensure they provide their correct delivery address, inclusive of your unit number (if applicable), street number, street name, suburb, state, and postcode. Ie. Your address should read as - Unit 1/12-14 Blank Street, Bondi Beach, NSW, 2026 - NOT - 1 12-14 Blank Street, Bondi Beach, NSW, 2026.

If an address is incomplete, incorrect or the above format it not followed you are at risk of your order being delayed or delivered incorrectly and Bondi Meal Prep will not be held liable for any misadventures or delivery hindrances. 

DELIVERY ON A PUBLIC HOLIDAY - On all Australian public holidays, Bondi Meal Prep will be closed and will resume deliveries the day after said public holiday. Central Coast deliveries are only available during business hours the day after public holidays. 

COURIER SERVICE - At Bondi Meal Prep, we use a third-party cold chain courier service to deliver all our orders. This means your delivery can not be delivered to a PO Box and your order can not be delivered to your local Australia Post Shop or Parcel Locker. Please keep this in mind and ensure you select the correct delivery address and time to suit your needs.

DELIVERY TIMES - Whilst we try our very best to ensure the correct time of delivery for your meals, unfortunately, you may receive your delivery outside of/or before our stated delivery window. This can occur but not often, due to high volumes of deliveries, traffic conditions, and weather conditions that are unfortunately out of our hands. Please check your phone as we will send you a text notification as soon as your order arrives.

Unfortunately, we are unable to select exact time slots to deliver orders (ie. delivery between 9 am - 9.30 am) as our courier services delivery loads and routes change constantly. Please ensure you select the correct delivery window to suit your needs.

DELIVERY INSTRUCTIONS - At the checkout, we give you the chance to enter your specific delivery instructions. Please ensure you leave as much detail as possible so our courier service can follow accordingly. If you do not leave any instructions, our courier service will leave your order in the safest place possible.

If you do not leave detailed delivery instructions at the checkout for your order, this may result in lost or stolen goods, delays in your delivery, or other unforeseen circumstances. Please ensure you enter in specific delivery instructions when necessary as Bondi Meal Prep will not be held liable for delays or misadventures due to no clear delivery instructions.

Under no circumstance will a delivery driver ring a doorbell during the residential delivery period, even if you request this in your delivery notes.  

DELIVERY DURING RESIDENTIAL HOURS - Orders arriving during Residential Hours (delivery between 00:00 am - 07:00 am) will receive a photo text message of your delivery and your driver will not ring your doorbell.

If you live in a high-rise/gated complex, we strongly advise against having your order delivered during this period as your order has a higher chance of being tampered with or stolen. We recommend selecting delivery during business hours to ensure the safety of your package. Customers must be aware of the above risk as Bondi Meal Prep will not assume any liability for stolen or damaged goods.  

DELIVERY DURING BUSINESS HOURS - If your order is being delivered to a place of business please add to your delivery notes the name of your business so our courier service can get your order to you efficiently. I.e - Please deliver to 'Company Name', located on level 2. 

If you select for your order to be delivered during residential hours to a business address you will risk your order being delayed as all places of business must be delivered during business hours. Please ensure you select the correct delivery timeframe to suit your delivery address as Bondi Meal Prep will not be held liable for delays or misadventures. 


All refunds take between 5 - 10 working days to be returned back onto your nominated credit card. If your refund should exceed this time frame please contact hello@bondimealprep.com.au so we can assist you further.

Canceling/deleting your recurring order via your online account only cancels your next scheduled order and does not cancel the order that has already been processed. If you would like to cancel your recurring order that has already been processed you need to email hello@bondimealprep.com.au and our team will help you further. Please note fees and charges will apply. A full refund will not be processed. 


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